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If you are a business this video is for corporate information 


Is your team’s health and well-being a priority to you?
Achieving a healthy workplace by incorporating various health and wellness activities
within the daily work schedule through a holistic approach promotes physical and
mental well-being. The modern day work environment – quick takeout meals,
missing meals, caffeine overload, computer screen eye strain, long periods of sitting
or standing and brain fog – isn’t constructive to optimum health. You will never get
the best from your employees.
Employees tend to make unhealthy choices simply because they don’t have the time
to look after themselves and stress levels can be high adding to a host of ill health
and mental issues.
A corporate wellness programme factors in workforce size, work environment and
schedules. Whether you already have a wellness programme in place or you are
introducing a programme for the first time we can design a plan to address your
organisation’s needs, identify areas requiring a set of tools to enable your team to
reach their goals with clarity, positivity and a strong sense of being ‘happy in their
Yoga and Breath work
Postures to ease out tight muscles and improve posture alignment. Mobility poses
for tight neck and shoulders from bending over computers and machines too long.
Strengthening poses to boost weak areas and improve balance. Breathing
techniques – the powerhouse of yoga - to increase breathing capacity and sending
fresh oxygen throughout the body. Breath work improves focus, banishes stress,
worries, aches and pains. Breathing is one of the most powerful tools that can
completely change your energy.
Yoga Nidra
As well as yoga postures and breath work an entire session or part of the class can
involve yoga nidra. This yoga system is very beneficial for employees who have high
stress levels, are experiencing exhaustion and in badly need of a rest. Yoga Nidra -
known as yoga sleep or an effortless relaxation is practiced lying down induced by
guided instructions. It’s a complete relaxation dispelling tension and fatigue in the
physical body and relieves depression, anxiety, headaches, cravings and
worries. Your entire system is rejuvenated and energised, reinforcing the body’s
natural healing capacities.
Natural Rejuvenating Facelift Massage Treatment
We say “The Face Reflects Your Entire Being” - Body and Emotions - A reflector of
your Soul! The Rejuvenating Facelift massage is a deep tissue massage without the
use of oils, lotions and tools. Only hands are used to produce an unforgettable
experience that will make any of your employees melt into relaxation and dissipate all
the hard straining stress produced upon the face and relieve tired eyes. Looking and
feeling refreshed with a clear mind and a good dose of confidence for the next online
meeting. For more info on Natural Rejuvenating Facelift Massage. click here

Facial Massage Class
A Facial Massage class is given whereby your team follow instructions (class style)
to massage their own faces and scalp. Using techniques to:-

  • remove tension and iron out lines from habitual expressions

  •  learn how to reduce fine lines and darkness under the eyes

  • speed up the removal of toxins and improve skin tone

  • enhance concentration by stimulating the scalp

  • create brighter and alert eyes

Teaching facial yoga (facial exercises) to slow the ageing process creating a more
mobile and glowing look.
There is also the offer of a 30 minute Natural Facelift Treatment taster or the full
treatment – 1 hour. The hour treatment adds in work on the neck, extra techniques
on the face with a foot massage completing the treatment.
My aim is to make everyone aware of their potential healing power and self care.

  •  The whole wellness package can be delivered online, in person or

simultaneously (except for a Natural Facelift Massage treatment which has to
be performed by me)

  • Yoga classes are tailored to suit all ages, injuries, special requests.

  • Classes can include a combination of postures, breathing techniques and

yoga nidra lasting 20 minutes to 1 hour long.

  • 3 – 30 minutes Chair Yoga to release tightness and tension and increase

blood circulation is a popular office yoga session.

  • Wellness classes can include powerful breathing techniques and mindfulness

with the luxury of a quiet moment to rest, let go and wind down, experiencing
absolute bliss with the gentle sounds of soothing music.

  • Classes are all inclusive for the curious and absolute beginners in a relaxed,

friendly and non evasive approach.

  • Yoga and a Facelift massage class can be incorporated in one session or


  • Facial yoga (facial exercises) can be incorporated into a class or separately.

  • I give simple tips and techniques through breath and massage to release

tension, boost energy and look and feel refreshed without having to leave
your workspace.

Costing varies whether it is a one off class, a course, a day of Natural Facelift
Massages or a combination of everything listed above. Contact me for a chat to
discuss options


Phone or Email me



Face and Yoga video package 
Three 10 minute videos performed right at your workspace
You can purchase my video package online at The
package contains three 10 minute videos to have time out to refresh, recharge and
regain focus with a sense of calm. Gentle yoga stretches for your body and a delicate
yet effective cleansing breathing technique to release unwanted emotions and
restore calm. Also included is a guided self facial massage that works deeper than
skin level, massaging muscles to release tension.  Following these videos daily or as
regularly as you can brings positive benefits and prolonged results. This guided self
facial massage is taken from the Natural Rejuvenating Facelift Massage,  a
treatment  based on Ayurvedic techniques - ancient Indian science of life and one of
the world’s oldest holistic (whole body) healing systems. You do not need to
use creams, oils, or gels for the face massage, and there is no need to remove
You have access to these videos for 8 weeks by which time you will have mastered
the techniques and fully receive their positive benefits.
Video 1 -
This facial massage works by giving your eyes a rest and releasing tension held in
your face. A gentle sweeping over the face and neck speeds up the elimination of
The simple stretches are really beneficial to giving your legs and spine a well
deserved stretch.  Wrist mobilisation, allowing free flow of synovial fluid which is
needed to stay mobile and flexible.  I love the chair twist and the long stretch
lowering your head down to the ground encouraging fresh nutrients to your brain and
face returning your focus.
Video 2 – Face Saver for Beginners - A facial Massage
This video encourages you to go deeper into massaging your whole face and
Includes techniques to release any congestion in the nasal area.  By using sweeping
movements, you will aid in the lifting of your eyes, making them more alert and open
while reducing tension and toxins. By massing and kneading the back of your neck,
you will experience a wonderful release of tension which will leave you with a clear
sense of relaxation. 
Video 3 – Pranayama – Controlling the breath creating a better flow of prana
(life -energy).  The powerhouse of yoga.

Pranayama refers to breathing exercises which clear the physical and emotional
obstacles in our body to free the breath and so the flow of prana.
Our unconscious breathing is typically shallow, while in stressful times, we often
breathe too rapidly or hold our breath for far too long. As a result,  might experience
muscle twitching, nausea, irritability, light-headedness, confusion, and anxiety.
Breathing is one of the most powerful tools that can completely change your energy.
Pranayama gives you the power to control your breath and therefore be in control of
your life.  Breathing techniques improve your health by sending fresh blood

throughout your body, improving lung function, and aiding in the weakening of viral
infections.  If you can control your breathing, you can lower stress levels, silence
negative thoughts, and simply feel happier more quickly. 
In this video I teach you a simple breathing exercise to release any unwanted
thoughts, emotions, and worries.  This will give you space to feel peace and calm,
banishing fatigue, and leaving you feeling energised and focused. 
For this exercise it is preferable to be seated in an upright but comfortable position.
Leave both feet uncrossed to practice this technique, and enjoy the process.

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